Bash is a scripting language that I know probably the best of all...


Download: 20061109, 20090915
Usage: acronym [acronym, eg. LOL]
Status: bugfixes - report bugs
Dependencies: bash >=3, wget, grep, sed
License: GPL

Searches for definitons of acronyms at


Download: 20061113
Usage: echange [[number of lines] [category/]package name]
Status: bugfixes - report bugs
Dependencies: Gentoo Linux, baselayout, bash >=3, grep, sed, coreutils (head, wc)
License: GPL

Shows the first few lines from the ChangeLog of the given package in the Portage. To show first 25 lines of Qt library ChangeLog run:

echange 25 qt
The first argument (number of lines) is optional - if you give only a package name, it will show 20 lines:
echange qt


Homepage, download, info:
Status: 0.7.x unmaintained; 2nd version is being developed
License: GPL-2 (0.7.x) and AGPLv3 (other, newer versions)

NCoda is a program for simple converting between various audio formats. For more information see the project homepage.

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