I'm learning C/C++, so I write some simple programs.


Download: 0.9 [tar.bz2, 13 kB]
Language: C
License: GPL-3

fancontrol-ng watches over the temperatures of the CPU and the chipset and runs the CPU fan at an appropriate speed. It may sound strange, but when I stop the CPU fan, the chipset (nForce4-SLI cooled only by a heatpipe) starts overheating - so if you have the same problem, you can use this, otherwise you can use the fancontrol utility from the lm-sensors package. You have to edit the source code a bit, before you try to compile it - settings are compiled-in for now - so read the README file. You can get some usage help by running fancontrol-ng -h.


Download: 1.0.3-r1 [tar.bz2, 8 kB]
Language: C++
License: GPL-2

lc is a short for symlink checker. It searches for broken and orphaned symlinks. For help, run lc -h.

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